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Yeah cats TOTALLY only like us for food and have no emotional dependency at all.

that cat is trying to EAT YOU

the same look I make when I want cuddles…

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yes… pet me… and LOVE ME


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I would include more, buuuut… 10 image limit.

Love and support from all directions! Feel better soon, Creatures (especially Jordan and Dan!)

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rilesjellybean said: Yo, what happened with the creatures? Cuz I heard it was something about the stream this morning but idk any more info.


Okay, so, briefest of breakdowns:

  • a guy called in a false school shooting report on the creatures. if you don’t know, CO has a problem with shootings, so this is a very serious claim to make.
  • this was down during a CS:GO stream.
  • only jordan and dan were at the office at the time.
  • swat stormed the building and detained dan and jordan. (spencer has informed me they are both free atm.)
  • a number of schools in the vicinity of the office were put in lockdown for a little under an hour.
  • they found no evidence of weapons, violence, or victims in the office, though the prop guns they have slowed things down.
  • they have confirmed it is a false report, and are working to catch the guy who did it. it was made from a landline, and is in fact a male-sounding person.
  • local news has stated the prank caller will be facing VERY serious charges.
  • the guys and spencer are fine at the mo. nobody is jail, nobody is being charged.
  • local news mentioned earlier will be showing the video of jordan getting detained on stream later tonight. i’m going to post updates about that when it happens. supposedly the video is key evidence in relation to his innocence?
  • extra notes: the guy who did it has been boasting on twitter. he has been posting information about a number of youtubers on pastebin, including all of the creatures. spencer has confirmed, however, most of his info on the guys is false. it’s likely he’ll be caught very soon thanks to this (his twitter even has his face).

basically a lot of shit has gone down, but it’s all settling. law enforcement are working on finding the guy atm. will let everybody know if they name and shame or at least say he’s been caught or not later tonight when the news comes back on.

I jus got online and am jus reading up on this situation… I’m thankful no one was hurt. Dang man, I hope the person responsible for this is seriously punished.

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More Silly Schoolbook Drawings from Japan

OMGOSH these are so silly!! oh Japan….

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Healthy tomato cucumber feta salad RECIPE here


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Healthy tomato cucumber feta salad RECIPE here

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